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30 Days to a Blog Challenge–Day 3


day 3

Day 3 of my personal challenge. My goals today are:

  • Solve my ‘add media’ issues in my posts
  • Solve my ‘wasting valuable time by looking for just the right free image’ issue
  • fix my menu issues with WordPress via Help

I did manage, again, to accomplish my goals today, and here is what I learned:

First, It is much easier to insert the media first and then write the post, rather than the reverse. I wanted my text to begin under the image, not wrap around it. When I choose ‘no alignment’ to insert the image, I had to keep trying to move the text and it was a pain, so under the posts tab in WP Admin, I clicked ‘Add New’ and typed the same title, then inserted the image that was saved on my computer. After that, I just cut and pasted my text, and I was done. Publish. Woot!

Second, I learned very quickly that searching for just the right free and useable image for each post is a mammoth time waster. I knew if I used too much time doing this, then I would not be successful in completing the 30 Day Blog Challenge. That was just unacceptable. Solution? The Danielle LaPorte method, of course! Write the message on a sticky note, take a pic on my iPhone, and upload. Simple, efficient, and acceptable right now. Win!

Third, I wasted a lot of time trying to figure out the menu tabs thing. I created the pages I wanted in the order I wanted by dragging them. Little did I know I had to number them, too! After I figured that out, I couldn’t understand why what I was seeing under ‘menus’ (4 tabs) did not match up to what I was seeing under ‘view site’ (3 tabs). WTH? After over an hour of frustration, I finally went into help and actually READ about it. Sorry, 30 and under crowd, just ‘play with it and you’ll figure it out’ may work for you, but reading first is often more efficient. My truth. I mysteriously had created more than one menu, and was using the wrong one. Delete, problem solved.

Day 3 down, 27 to go!