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30 Days To A Blog Challenge–Day 13

day 13

Changing the Blog Header Image

Early on in this blog challenge, I knew my header image had to go. Despite my affection for late 19th century advertising and anatomical art, it was time to move on and move up to something a little less tacky.

It was difficult to do because I had made the header image myself in picmonkey. I wasn’t attached to my product per se, but I spent about 8 hours making it, including time spent finding the images to edit. Here is the header image, below:

cathartery collage

My header had ceased being a mere image, but had become a symbol. It represented two things: First, the blog itself, in a way. It was the second major task I did in setting up the blog, after I decided on the name. Since the header included the name of my blog, it also became my blog’s identity. It was hard to change identity.

Second, learning rudimentary photo editing. I used picmonkey because it was both free and recommended for beginners. Even though the image is definitely amateurish, at the time I thought it was a solid representation for Cathartery–a mash-up of the words ‘catharsis’ and ‘artery’–exactly what art means for me.

It took several weeks to arrive at the ‘ok, lets just do this’ destination, but I did. So back to PicMonkey. I wanted something simpler, cleaner, and less tacky. Overall, it took about 20 minutes, but to be fair, I wasn’t using any images. Still, a lot less time spent than before. Here is the new header image, below:

Cathartery Header 2

In PicMonkey, I started with a soft pink canvas, then went to textures. I chose ‘paint’ and moved the texture around until I was satisfied with the image. Next, I clicked on text, and chose ‘Felix Titling’ for my font from ‘my fonts.’ I didn’t want either solid black or stark white for the font color, so I ended up with this pinkish color that I’m not really satisfied with, but liked the other choices less. In WP, I am using the Mystique theme, the background color is a pinkish-gray, and I changed the color that appears behind the text in my sidebar tabs to gray.

For now, I am satisfied. The overall look is cleaner, and more cohesive and unified. I’m sure I’ll want to change this in the future, and when I do, it won’t be as painful.

Thanks for reading!