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An Amazing Intro to Art Resource

This is my 14th post for my 30 Day Blog Challenge. Initially, my topic was going to be an analysis and review of sorts. I was going to read blogs by 10 different artists, and analyze what kinds of posts were to be found on their blogs. A practical post.

I scanned/read through two, and found the same exact term on both blogs. Visual Language. Coincidence or cosmic collaboration? Naturally, I stopped reading and googled ‘visual language of an artist.’ Result number one was Wikipedia, so I clicked on result number two–“The Language of Design–Art, Design, and Visual Thinking.”

What I had found is indeed an amazing resource. Art, Design, and Visual Thinking is an online textbook created by Professor Charlotte Jirousek at Cornell University. The online text is divided into four sections: The language of design, Media design and the fine arts, The evolution of visual language in the modern era, and Non-western approaches to art and design. The topic for my blog post instantly changed.

The website/textbook is massive. Because the text is written for a 100 level course, all of the terms are clearly defined and explained with examples. As a mostly self-taught artist with no magical MFA letters behind my name, I deeply appreciate clarity as it applies to the practicalities of learning about art.

I read through section one–The Language of Design–nine long pages of text. This fact is not to discourage, but to impress. During my reading, I read about many things that I thought I knew, but not well enough to talk about in a conversation, or else knew them subconsciously. I had many ‘aha!’ moments–a worthwhile resource I will return to multiple times, I’m sure. I am deeply grateful to Cornell University for leaving the textbook online, despite Professor Jirousek’s death last year.

My CTA? Check out Art, Design, and Visual Thinking!

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