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30 Days to a Blog Challenge–Day 9

day 9

Day 9 of my personal challenge. 

Yesterday, in my day 8 post, I discussed needing a way to keep track of my posts to avoid redundancy.

In that post, I also claimed I would create a spreadsheet Excel file to keep track of my data. This evening, I did create the file. Here’s what it looks like:

Blog posts log in xcel

My apologies for the poor image. I have yet to learn how to do a screen shot; this was taken on my trusty iPhone 6. You should, however, be able to make out that I have included the following information regarding each post: posting date, post title, main topic, sub-topics, links, and images.

What you cannot see in the above image is that the Excel file also contains columns for categories, tags, and questions/comments.  I am happy with the outcome; my Excel skills are rudimentary, but getting better through use.

I learned that since I am using predominantly text for my data, I needed to expand the cell width to avoid frustration. I chose 32 over the default 8.something. It is working fine for now, and will tweak it in the future if my needs change.

What solution(s) have you implemented to keep track of your blog posts?

Thanks for reading!

Day 9 down, 21 to go!