30 Day Blog Challenge

Mayan Sun Stone Calendar

Lessons Learned in the First 30 Days of Blogging

After a dear family member asked me multiple times: “Why don’t you start a blog, Kelly?,” I finally have. I am almost sorry to say that it required much shaming goading encouragement for me to do so.

Its not the beginning, but the grind that gets me. Over the past several years, I have read so many blog posts on ‘beginner blogging,’ I was suffering from analysis paralysis. And overwhelm.

That said, the blog had to be personally meaningful, or else what’s the point, so I developed a set of criteria to keep me focused:

  • Free, free, and free–platform, media, tech help, everything
  • Allows me to learn the basics of blogging
  • Creates value for you–I share the lessons that I learn.
  • Encourages me to hone my writing skills, specifically consistency of voice and writing style

My 30 Day Blog Challenge is about process, not product. I will not produce a post every day. My emphasis is on what I am learning while writing posts and creating the blog itself, and passing those lessons learned to you. Personally, my goal is 20 quality posts in 30 days. All of the posts I write for this challenge will be categorized as 30 Days to a Blog Challenge.

I am looking forward to the challenge, join me on my journey!


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