30 Days To A Blog Challenge–Day 18

day 18

More Tweaks and Edits

There are 4 days left in my personal 30 Day Blog Challenge. Since my last post, I’ve accomplished two things regarding the blog itself:

First, I fixed my Home page issue. When I logged in to WP and clicked ‘View Site,’ my ‘Home’ page would populate with all my posts. However, when I viewed my site without being logged in to WP and clicked the home tab in the navigation bar, my ‘Home’ page was  empty. How to fix?

Under WP Admin, which I usually use, my menu showed only one ‘Home’ page. But, under My Site, when I clicked menus, I had two ‘Home’ pages, one of which had the word ‘site’ next to it. That Home page was unchecked, so I clicked that, and my issue was fixed. I guess my real error was in thinking that My Site and WP Admin were just two different streets to the same destination, in a manner of speaking. From now on, I’ll make sure I check both routes.

Second, I fleshed out my ‘About Me’ page. For what seemed to be for too long now, the page included just the focus of the blog and why art is important to me. I kept thinking about it, but the words just wouldn’t come. Several nights ago as I was drifting off to sleep, the words came to my mind, so when I woke up, I edited the page. I finally added a definition for the term Cathartery, and a short bit about my background. I know it’s not completely finished, but I am satisfied with the result for now.

Thanks for reading!


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