30 Days To A Blog Challenge–Day 15

day 15

More Tweaks and Edits

It’s three weeks in, and this is my 15th post for my 30 Day Blog Challenge. Why post 15 and not 21 if you’re three weeks in, Kelly? My challenge is not a post-a-day challenge, but rather producing quality posts during my ‘learning to blog’ process. My goal is 20 quality posts, and I think I’ll meet that challenge.

In my Day 13 post, I wrote about changing my header image. Since then, I’ve changed it again. While the image itself is the same, I altered the text. I kept Cathartery in all caps–stylistic choice–but changed the font so the letters had more space between them and didn’t appear so jammed up.

Next, I also discovered that the title wasn’t centered. It looked funny to me, and so I finally measured it with an old-school ruler to confirm my suspicion. Back to Picmonkey for a redo of the image with the title centered. At this point, I also added a tagline for clarity regarding the blog’s focus and purpose. My new header image is the current one you see on my blog now.

The last change I made was to my Gravatar text in my sidebar. I also needed this text to reflect and clarify the focus/purpose of the blog. People have to read, discern, and absorb so much information now, clarity is King. More Hemingway, less Shakespeare. Those of you who know me personally also know how much this hurts.

In three short weeks, I finally feel the most satisfied with the blog. The theme colors, background color, and header image all go together well. My tagline, Gravatar text, and About Me text also all reflect the same focus and purpose of the blog. My ‘About Me’ is too short, but I will edit it by the end of the challenge. I’ve written three posts on art topics, rather than just beginner blogging, and I’m happy with those. My writing style is fairly consistent, and I recognize when I am beginning to digress, and so edit without bad feelings. I am truly beginning to enjoy this ‘blogging thing.’

Thanks for reading!


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